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20th March - NEW SERVICE FOR 2013 - Customer Loyalty Scheme

We now provide an advanced but low cost customer loyalty card scheme which is ideal for small businesses. This is no longer the exclusive domain of the Tesco's of the world! 

The starter kit includes a small hand-held wi-fi terminal, fully branded loyalty cards with chip, and customer registration forms. Your customers can earn points as they spend money with you and you can convert these in whatever way you wish. You decide how you want to run your scheme, we just give you the ability to do it.

You also have 3 months free access to login to an online portal which will hold all of your customer profiles and spending. You can then use this information to assist or plan your marketing and it's an excellent tool for retaining customers. If you decide not to continue to use the portal after the three months however you can simply run the scheme as a basic loyalty card system.

Please contact us for more information on 0845 094 0707 and ask for Tony Marshall

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