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Safety Instructions P4S Extras

Universal - Power Source

Electricity - 110/230v - L2800
The purpose of this safety leaflet is to acquaint users of electrical equipment in the potential dangers when using 110v and 230v electrical equipment...
Three-Phase Electricity - 415v - L2801
The purpose of this Safety Leaflet is to acquaint users of three-phase electrical equipment and the associated dangers...
Electrical Extension Leads - L2802
Extension leads are used to connect a piece of electrical equipment, or tool, to a mains supply when the equipment, or the tools, own electrical cable is too short in length to reach from the mains power source to the intended place of work...
Residual Current Operated Device (RCD) (110v & 230v) - L2803
This device provides a degree of safety from electric shock when used in conjunction with either 110v or 240v electrical tools or equipment...
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